About us

"Casa Pomo d’oro is the youngest child of Trattoria Pomo d’oro. An instructional kitchen where both pros and amateurs have a chance to acquire unique gastronomic experiences with the assistance of Alessandro Manna executive chef. 

It is the newest exclusive gem of Budapest, which can serve as a venue for private parties, company dinners, wine appreciation meetings, press releases and family functions.


After Trattoria Pomo d'Oro, we embarked on a totally new mission with Casa Pomo d’Oro, since we have established the multi-functional kitchen based on a new approach."


What makes it multi-functional?


It is often said that in family homes the kitchen is the heart of the home, or when friends gather, the real party is always in the kitchen…

This is one of the reasons why we have created an environment which places the experiential kitchen in the center. In Pomo d’Oro we provide a way for everyone to enter into the world of international gastronomy with the help of Alessandro Manna, a young Sicilian executive chef.


How does it work?

We host wine dinners and guest chefs; furthermore, we hold training courses for both amateurs and pros – in the field of Italian and also in international cooking.


Through our workshops, they get a chance to become familiar with the different regions of Italy through raw materials and their gastronomy.  Thanks to its design, with this ambiance we provide a perfect venue for exclusive private events, birthday celebrations, press releases, company functions and cocktail parties.


If you would like to give an unforgettable gift to your friends, a special gastronomic experience in at a unique place, we offer this opportunity for you. Just invite them, we will help you with the rest!

Our experiential kitchen is fully equipped with state-of-the-art kitchen technology (Thermo mix, sous-vide, and Pacojet appliances are available for kitchen duties).

We look forward to your visit to Casa Pomo d’Oro, the newest gem of Budapest, where the kitchen is really in the center!





Tel: +36 70 390 7885 / sales@pomodorobudapest.com
1051 Budapest, Arany János u. 7.

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