Cooking school

“It is good to eat Italian” - Cooking school from Italians in Hungarian.
A series consisting of eight thematic sessions, selected from the classic dishes of traditional Italian regional cuisine.

 “The most imitated “classic” dishes of traditional, regional Italian cuisine, as they live in our memories, thanks to the great Italian chefs, our mothers and grannies who live forever in our hearts...” (Alessandro & Gianni)


(1) Antipasti - Appetizers 

 (2)” Al dente” – “Al dente” pastas

(3) Pasta ripiena e pasta al forno - Pastas stuffed and baked in oven

(4) Risotti, Zuppe e Minestre - Risottos, soups and stocks

(5) Carni Bianche e … - White meats and ...

(6) Carni Rosse e … - Red meats and ...

(7) Pesce di Mare - Seafish

(8)”Dolce Vita” - Sweet delicacies


Chef: Alessandro Manna & Gianni Annoni 


Casa Pomo d'oro
1051 Budapest, Arany János utca 7.


Duration of the course:
4 hours / occasion. Maximum number of participants: 18 people


The individual sessions are also available at the price of HUF 19,900 each.
The discounted price of the entire curriculum (8 sessions): HUF 139,900


Please request your gift voucher from our colleague, or call
+36 70 390 7885 to get more information.



Tel: +36 70 390 7885 /
1051 Budapest, Arany János u. 7.

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